About Us

Hey y’all! We are Amanda and Andy Shelton out of the North Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. We have a combined 10+ years of breeding experience, and we are pretty passionate and proud of the program we’ve built. Our program started 11 years ago after falling in love with the breed, we were not happy with the puppies/breeders of Goldendoodles we found, there seemed to lack transparency, and the dogs never seemed to be the biggest priority- so we set out to change this. After much research we bred our Goldendoodle, Annie, and acquired Grace, our matriarch. Our goal from day one was to produce a dog that loves everyone, is well equipped from an early age to handle different situations, and fits in with their family. We are a family first, striving to provide other families with the true gift of the power and privilege of a dog. All our pups are hand raised in our home with our 5 children and 3 adult dogs. While many breeders sell their breeding “stock” after retirement, our pups are our family and will remain that way for their entire lives. We do not have a separate outdoor kennel with several breeding dogs and do not want one. Because of this, we grow our program through the use of Guardian homes. Guardian homes are close friends and family hand chosen by us to raise and care for a breeding boy or girl in our program. We get to see our pup several times throughout the year, and the pup will return to us and “the family” for whelping.

We pride ourselves in producing the healthiest, socially adjusted, beautifully colored Goldendoodles possible. We offer a very tight knit Southern Skies Doodles community, with very active Facebook groups for each litter, birthday parties and get togethers, even select boarding available only to our pup Pawrents. We hope you will become part of the Southern Skies Doodles Family!

Nice to Meet You!

Amanda Shelton– Co Founder, Puppy Whisperer, Customer Service Specialist, Genetics Nerd

If you are a part of the Southern Skies family, you know Amanda. Amanda puts 110% in every day towards the betterment of the puppies, parents and customers.

Andy Shelton – Co-Founder, Director of Operations, Dog Obsessed, Our Rock

Andy is responsible for the build out of our kennel set up, never saying no to adding another dog to our program, and for being our “steady” through the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable in breeding.

Andy Shelton – Co-Founder, Director of Operations, Dog Obsessed, Our Rock

Andy is responsible for the build out of our kennel set up, never saying no to adding another dog to our program, and for being our “steady” through the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable in breeding.

The Kids- Directors of Socialization

When we say our puppies are highly socialized we mean it. We expose your puppy to various sounds, smells, textures, tastes, sights and challenges. What is exceptionally unique is that all our pups- both adults and puppies- are handled and played with every day by us, our dogs, our kids, and our friends. Your puppy has been raised by a human centered mama dog in a human centered environment, which is something that must be truly authentic to achieve the temperaments we produce in our pups.

Drew, 19
Camden, 16
Emerson, 13
Adella, 11
Lena, 8

Grace- Matriarch, Top of Our Line, Laziest Dog in America

Our Grace is a purebred English Cream Retriever imported from Europe. Every dog we have ever produced comes from Grace’s impeccable genetics. English Cream retrievers are a beautiful icy white color, but also have blockier heads and a more laid back personality compared to their American Retriever cousins. We love this effect in a Goldendoodle, the outcome is a gorgeous dog that favors the look of a Golden Retriever more so than the poodle. By using the English Cream Golden Retriever as our matriarch, we can ensure a dog with a “calmer” temperament as compared to some of the other popular doodle breeds. That’s not to say the Goldendoodles cannot be working dogs, we have several pups in our program that have grown to be service, therapy and even diabetic alert dogs. Contrary to popular belief, Goldendoodles can come in any variety of colors and patterns including red, white, apricot, chocolate, sable, phantom, merle and parti.

Blue- Our Big Baby

Grace had 2 litters, one purebred English Cream Retriever litter and one F1 Goldendoodle litter. Blue was a boy we kept back from her Golden Retriever litter that we hoped to stud. Blue has a giant blocky head, excellent structure and comes from Champion lines…however he was missing one crucial feature of a stud- fertility. Blue was never able to pass along his genetics, but he shares his spirit with us every day! He’s our big baby and attention hog, for sure!!! To know our boy Blue is to love him!

Tessa Mae- Our Goldendoodle Mama Bear

Grace welcomed her second litter on December 30th, 2017- a beautiful litter of F1 English Cream Goldendoodles with Beaux, a white standard poodle. Grace had 7 beautiful puppies and we kept Tessa Mae, the “purple collar puppy” as our own with hopes to breed her one day and carry on Grace’s lineage. Tessa Mae has been an incredible mama in our program, she has welcomed 3 beautiful litters- “Tessa’s 12 Pack with Prince”, “Tessa’s Irish 10 with Bandit”, and “Tessa’s Reinadoodles with Sir Benjamin Buttons”. Tessa was retired and spayed after her final litter in early 2022. We have kept several boys and girls from Tessa and Grace’s lines in Guardian homes and continue to carry on their heritage.

Our Mama’s

Sailor Rose

Sailor Rose is the daughter of Tessa and Prince, and she was the Rainbow collar puppy from Tessa’s 12 Pack, “Roxie Rainbow”. She is an F1B English Cream Goldendoodle. Sailor has a bright white, wavy coat and lives in a guardian home with Amanda’s parents, Judy and Randy Phillips. Sailor and Jasper welcomed her first litter in June of 2022, “Sailor’s Superstar Litter”. Sailor weighs about 55# and is currently our only girl who can produce chocolate pups! Sailor is a fantastic mama and we cant wait to see her future babes!

Layla Belle

Layla Belle is the daughter of Tessa Mae x Bandit, and she is an F1B English Cream Goldendoodle with black and white parti coloring. Layla is one of our smaller girls, weighing in at 35#. Layla has the ability to produce a rainbow of markings, including red, white, back, and partis and “phantom” colored puppies, which are those similar to Bernadoodle markings. Layla lives with the Turco family in a guardian home and welcomed her first litter of small/medium multigenerational Goldendoodles with Oliver Jay in Fall 2022.

Daisy Grace

Daisy is Layla’s biological sister from Tessa x Bandit’s Irish 10, formally “Clover”. Daisy carries both her grandmothers namesake and several of her best traits. She is an F1B English Cream Goldendoodle who is considered a “hidden” phantom and can produce a wide variety of markings. She has a wavy fleece coat, and we cannot wait to see her puppies! Daisy is expecting her 1st litter in Winter 23! Daisy Grace lives with the Bisigs in a guardian home.

Millie Mae

Our Millie Mae lives in a guardian home with the Israel family. Millie carries the namesake of her mama, Tessa Mae, as a tribute to her Tessa’s finale litter. Formally “Dasher”, from Tessa x Sir Benjamin Buttons, Millie carries the “Rufus” gene which means her red coloring will deepen over time, and she is an F1B English Cream Goldendoodle with the ability to produce a rainbow- including intense red, phantom, white and black with splashes of white.

Maybelle Blue

Maybelle Blue is from Layla Belle x Oliver and is the newest addition to our program! Formally “Moira Rose”, Maybelle is a beautiful wavy phantom Parti, charting to be about 30lbs! We cannot WAIT to see how she grows! Maybelle has the look of a bernadoodle, but is a multi generational English cream Goldendoodle. Maybelle is cherished in a guardian home with the Williams family.

Our Boys

We offer 2 upcoming studs from our program for stud service to approved girls in approved programs:


Austin Riley, formally “Bob Marley” from Sailor x Jasper’s Superstar litter, ready Spring 2023

Riley is a multigenerational English Cream Goldendoodle with striking features and a stunning coat, he is a brown based cream- with gorgeous amber eyes, liver colored nose and an icey white wavy coat. He is charting to be 45 lbs. Austin Riley is ready to hit a home run with your girl.

WISOM PANEL – CLEAR for any genetic disease including CDDY/DM/ICH

Coat Traits:

ee bb kbkb ata Ssp mm FF +/- curl

Wisdom Panel


Huck Finn, formally “Snoop Dogg” from Sailor x Jasper’s Superstar litter, is a blue merle abstract English Cream Goldendoodle. Huck Finn carries black, chocolate, phantom, parti, is visibly merle; and has a wavy coat. He is charting to be 35 lbs. Finn lives with Amanda’s cousin in a guardian home and is being trained to be a diabetic alert dog.  Finn is available Spring 2023 to approved females in approved programs. Huck Finn is ready to make history with your girl.

WISDOM PANEL– CLEAR for any genetic disease including CDDY/DM/ICH

Coat Traits:

Ee Bb kbkb ata Ssp Mm FF +/- curl

Wisdom Panel

Southern Skies Doodles Celebs:


Arthur formally “Guinness” from Tessa x Bandit’s Irish 10. Guinness will always have an extra special place in our heart. Guinness was born with one foot turned slightly inward, and because of this, he had a tough time bracing himself to nurse. We tube fed Guinness around the clock for the first 4 weeks of his life. He grew to be big and strong and his foot completely resolved on its own. Guinness (now Arthur) is living his best life showing other dogs in Justin’s program how to have manners. He spends his time between Atlanta and the Gulf Coast where he has been featured as The Oyster City Brewing Company dog.


Sweet Milo lives with the Fox family, including sweet Esther – a 7 year old sweetie with Down Syndrome.

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