Southern Skies Goldendoodles

Premier Georgia Goldendoodle Breeder

Are you looking for a reputable Georgia Goldendoodle breeder? Look no further! We are a Goldendoodle breeder that specializes in providing the best quality Goldendoodle puppies for sale in the North Atlanta Metro Area. We strive to provide an easy experience to bring your new Goldendoodle home to your family. We are dedicated to producing Goldendoodles with excellent temperaments, great health, and overall good looks. Our puppies are the result of our careful breeding practices. We use the highest quality breeding moms and dads, and are committed to producing healthy, happy puppies.

2 Year Health Guarantee

Our parents are health tested and we offer a 2 year health guarantee on all our pups and a lifetime of support within our very active Southern Skies community which includes Dr. Ana Adams, a renowned reproductive vet who owns one of our pups to breed herself.

Family First

We are a family first, all puppies are born here in our living room and handled daily by us, our 5 children and 3 adult dogs. We want all our pups to be treated as family first, not a business. We do not want to have an outdoor kennel of breeding dogs, so we use guardian homes to grow our program. Guardian homes are friends and family who will adopt one of our pups we want to keep in our program, and then they come home to the family to breed. We believe breeding dogs should live with a family. Kenneled dogs are often skittish around humans (especially after giving birth) and this skittishness towards humans is transferred to their puppies. We believe every dog deserves to live in a home and treated as a family member. Our girls have a limited number of litters and are then spayed and returned to their fur-ever family. This approach ensures every dog is pet first, not a business.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best Goldendoodle puppies possible. We ensure that each puppy is carefully evaluated and given the best possible care and we ensure that all our puppies are up to date on all vaccinations and deworming treatments. We also provide our puppies with socialization and training, as well as a health guarantee. Southern Skies Goldendoodles is known as a Georgia breeder that takes great care to ensure that each puppy is healthy and well-adjusted before they are placed in their forever home.

If you have questions about the Goldendoodle breed, we are experienced and knowledgeable about the breed due to our extensive experience in breeding, socializing, and training Goldendoodle puppies. Southern Skies understands the importance of producing healthy, happy puppies and we provide our clients with the best possible experience. We are proud to be a reputable Georgia Goldendoodle breeder and will help each client decide on the Goldendoodle puppy that is the right fit in your home.

If you have decided that a Goldendoodle is the right breed for your family, please reach out to us today. We are confident that we can provide you with a happy, healthy Goldendoodle puppy. Thank you for considering Southern Skies as your Goldendoodle breeder! We look forward to meeting you.